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Fr. Dr. V. P. Varghese

 Fr. Dr. Baby Varghese

Fr. Dr. Baby Varghese has been professor at the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam since 1985.  He is also professor of Syriac Studies at the St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute (SEERI) at Kottayam. Following a graduation in Science from the Kerala University in 1974, Fr. Baby Varghese began his theological education at the Orthodox Theological Seminary at Kottayam where he completed the Graduate in Sacred Theology (Diploma) and Bachelor in Divinity degree in 1978. He completed his Masters in Theology from the Catholic University, Paris in 1981 and Doctorate in Theology from Sorbonne, University of Paris in 1985. Following his Doctoral studies, he completed his Post-Doctoral studies from the Free University in Berlin, with Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.

In 2004, Fr. Dr. Baby Varghese was awarded the Burke fellowship (Scholar-in-Residence) by the Union Theological Seminary, New York. In 2013, he was also awarded the ISM Fellowship and Visiting Professorship by the Yale University, USA. Fr. Varghese is also a member of the Forum Syracium of the Pro-Oriente Foundation, Vienna, Austria.


His principal areas of teaching are Syriac at preliminary and advanced levels, Liturgy Sacramental Theology, Ecclesiology and the History of Syriac Christianity at the M.Th. level. Fr. Dr. B. Varghese, along with Fr. Johns Abraham is the editor of the revised ‘Suriyani Basha Pravesika’, the most popular text in India for beginner and advanced level Syriac studies. He has also authored the following books:


Books, Publications and Articles written in English and other European Languages:


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Important Publications in Malayalam

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